January 6, 2009

Bravo Rod Blagojevich!!

Look at the media circus that has been created by on senate appointment. The media and the public thought that Rod Blagojevich at least had the decency to not appoint someone to Barack Obama's former senate seat because he was under investigation for trying to sell it.

But lo and behold he defied everyone by appointing Roland Burris. No one outside of Illinois has even heard of him before. I voted for him when he ran for office when I became of age because he seemed like an honest guy.

One thing I and other Illinois voters never knew about him was the size of his ego. Obviously Blagojevich knew he had one. He knew this was the one guy who would accept this appointment, the one guy who would talk to each and every media outlet that put a mic in front of him. By picking a squeaky clean ego maniac he got just what he wanted, a media circus and attention.

It sad that a actual honest politician is so consumed by his own accomplishments that he allows himself to become a spectacle to the American people. But after having a monument built to himself and naming your son and your daughter after yourself what can you expect.


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