January 4, 2009

State of Society

We have become a culture who claims to stand for one thing, but in reality we support and grow in a culture totally opposite.

2008 was the year I saw this country divided as if it were Civil War, conservatives against liberals. War was waged upon the land in the form of insults, and rumors spread like the plague. The candidates wives were talked about as if they were two dollar hookers.

Everyone became the judge of another without looking at what they themselves had on their plate. Normally one group would criticize the other for having a child out of wedlock, but when it was one of their own, they called it standing up and handling their responsibilities. Meanwhile Black leaders who claimed to stand up for minorities, questioned whether their candidate were 'Black' enough to represent them.

I read the blogs who spread some of the most spiteful and hateful rumors about Mccain and Obama both, but at the same time claim to be christian. Drug addict, old, terrorist, socialist, liar, traitor, ugly, hillbilly, diva, white trash and racist were just some of the words used to describe the candidates or their spouses.

We called one candidate a socialist, when the accusing party's own leader instituted the biggest socialist move in United States history in the form of a bailout. Meanwhile the other tears down a woman and insults her intelligence because it benefits their cause even though they claim to be a defender of women's rights.

We have become a society were using a double standard has become like breathing. When it is in our best interest we cling to it, just like guns and religion.

We are quick to attack just as fast as we defend. We judge and form opinions based of words of those who have one goal and could care less about what the truth is.

Racism has become a weapon for the majority and a shield for minorities. A sexist is what you are if you question a woman credentials even after your opponent already called your resume a joke.

We pardon known and convicted felons, yet keep imprisoned, men on foreign soil who have not been charged or accused of anything.

Gay is the new Black, Muslim is the new Gay.

White is the new minority, while fear of Black culture is the majority.

Rumors have become truth because they were printed or posted online. We no longer look for reality but became satisfied with what the author tells us is reality. We have become mindless drones who seek knowledge from those who now are aware we will consume what is presented before us.

We agree on very little, yet argue on what we do agree upon.

The word truth no longer exists, it has been replaced by ideology and opinion. Don't believe anything I told you.............or should you?

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