January 8, 2009

Why the Media is Easier on Kennedy Vs. Palin

Sarah Palin's interview with conservative pollster/ filmmaker/ statistician / jackass John Ziegler made claims that the media is seemingly easier on Caroline Kennedy than they were on her. She believes it is because the main stream media is liberal and Caroline Kennedy is a far left liberal.

Well actually all of the above is true. Now I will help Ms. Palin realize why Ms. Kennedy isn't receiving as much criticism as she did during the presidential campaign:

Caroline Kennedy background:
  • Has grownup in the media spotlight since her father John F. Kennedy became president in 1961.
  • She is running for a senate seat and not second in command of the free world.
  • She graduated in the top ten percent of her class at Columbia Law after her A.B. from Harvard vs. attending five colleges and university before receiving her B.A. as did Palin.
  • Kennedy is an attorney, writer, editor and serves on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations. She helped raise more than $65 million for the New York public schools. She currently serves as one of two vice chairs of the board of directors of The Fund for Public Schools. She is a member of the New York and Washington, D.C. bar associations. She is also a member of the boards of directors of the Commission on Presidential Debates and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and is an honorary chair of the American Ballet Theatre. In addition, Kennedy is currently president of the Kennedy Library Foundation. She is also an adviser to the Harvard Institute of Politics..... all of this as a private citizen.
In other words, Kennedy is known in public eye. For over forty years we have seen her grow up and become a very powerful woman in this country. Palin on the other hand was virtually unknown and her background was not extensive for someone running for Vice president. I am not saying she would have not done a good job, it's just she came out of nowhere which led the media to investigate and dissect her life because it was something new.

So Sarah please stop the "whole world is against me routine" and work on repairing the damage that was done by one of the worst campaigns ever run.

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