February 6, 2009

Michael Steele Fires All the White Folks

Well well well. The RNC thought they would make themselves more popular by electing their first Black Chairman, it's looks like that backfired for all those poor White workers they have. Now Mr. Steele can fill all those positions with an army of pro-Black soldiers that will do his bidding.......revenge is sweet!

One week after Michael Steele won a hotly contested race to be the chairman of the Republican National Committee, he has cleaned house and laid off almost the entire RNC staff.

Steele met with the full staff on Tuesday and word of the mass layoffs came shortly after that. According to sources familiar with the move, all of the communications and political staffers are being let go.

Some senior staff members -- in expectation of being let go -- submitted their resignations shortly after Steele won the chairmanship last Friday. Others have already found new jobs, most notably RNC political director Rich Beeson who will return to his post at FLS Direct, and Amber Wilkerson who will serve as national spokeswoman at the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Such an overhaul is not entirely.....


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