March 5, 2009

GOP Stuck in the Mud

Republicans are not to blame for everything that has lead us to this economic debacle that we currently reside, but after being in power for years they now claim to know what's best. It's sorta like the married couple where dad screws up over and over and when mom kicks him out.......he's a changed man.

Now the party claims it wants to go back to it's conservative roots, even though they supported Bush's policies over 80% of the time. Now talking about Bush is no no even though republicans were married to him. Why would Americans listen to the party who allowed and went along with so much of what they are supposed to oppose?

Four months after John McCain’s sweeping defeat, senior Republicans are coming to grips with the fact that the party is still – in stock market terms – looking for the bottom.

Republicans this week are processing two sobering new polls that found the party’s support reduced to a slim one-quarter of Americans. In the absence of a popular elected leader, its most visible figure is a polarizing radio host. Its strategic powerhouse is a still-divisive former House speaker forced from power more than 10 years ago.

And its hopes of demonstrating swift and visible change by pushing people of color to the fore have been dented by the stumbles of the party’s two most prominent non-white leaders, national Chairman Michael Steele and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that many prominent Republicans are forecasting a long winter.

“You think you hit bottom, and it can always go lower,” said.....

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